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This course is designed to help you deliver compelling presentations, ones which will not only engage the audience, but also inspire them to take action (if that is what you want).

A survey conducted by Distinction was very revealing. 86% of executives said that communicating clearly impacts their careers and incomes and yet only 25% put more than two hours in to preparing for very high-stakes presentations. Of course, time is a premium, but in terms of cost benefit analysis it is absolutely worth taking the time and making the effort to prepare compelling presentations.  This course shows you how.

We have all heard off ‘death by powerpoint’ so this course can help bring your presentations alive, make them more dynamic and memorable (for the right reasons). You may want to hide behind powerpoint or whatever software you are using, particularly if you are nervous, which is, of course, perfectly understandable. However, audiences are longing to connect with a real person, so Communicate with Confidence – Powerful Presentations courses train you to develop your skills as a presenter so you become the focus of your present.

The benefits of attending this course include:

  • Offering you a fresh approach to presentations.
  • Building your confidence to deliver presentations with passion and flair.
  • Developing your presence.
  • How to use visual aids, such as slides to add, rather than detract from your message.
  • How to structure presentations to motivate, inspire and persuade your audience.
  • Understanding the art of good story telling.

The content of this course includes:

  • An assessment of your existing strengths as a presenter.
  • A discussion of what happens during the presentation process.
  • Exercises on developing your presence.
  • Exploration of powerful beginnings and endings.
  • An analysis of the art of storytelling and opportunities to practice.
  • Plenty of opportunities to practice presenting with individual feedback on what went well and what could be done even better.

Danielle Mayer, Placements Officer from the University of Bath said of the last course

“My confidence grew throughout the day and I really did learn how to be powerful and engaging when presenting!  Thanks for a great day!”

The next Powerful Presentations Course will be running on Thursday 24th October 2019.  To book your place, please click on the Eventbrite button below.

Tuesday 24th October 2019
Eventbrite - Powerful Presentations

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