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You may be a business owner, a manager or have another role within your organisation and need to refine your public speaking and presentation skills.  You may have avoided doing presentations or public speaking in your career, which may have worked for you in the short term, but now you are coming to a place where you want to overcome any fears  in order to progress, which will ultimately be more rewarding both personally and professionally.

Or perhaps you are self employed and need to learn these skills in order to promote your business.  You may want to refine your one minute elevator pitch or you may want to build your confidence particularly if you are just starting out in business.  It may be that you have had a break from the world of work, such as taking time out to look after your children and you need to step up into your new role in your job or as an entrepreneur.

It may be that you have a fear of public speaking.  Please let me reassure you that public speaking is a very common fear so you are not alone and more importantly there are techniques which can help you overcome this and build your confidence.  It may be that you want more authority, influence and gravitas as a speaker.  All of these issues are addressed on the courses.