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Welcome to Communicate with Confidence,
a Bristol based training consultancy.

We work with business people who want to express themselves effectively with confidence, flair and conviction. You may be a business owner, a manager or have another role within your organisation and you may be required to give speeches or presentations as part of your work. Or you may need to speak in public to promote yourself and your business.  Although you are an expert in your field you may not be so confident or persuasive at delivering your message. In today’s competitive business world it is increasingly important to pay attention not just to what you are saying but how you are saying it.

So whether you feel you are too anxious, too monotone, too quiet or not authoritative or compelling enough, Communicate with Confidence was designed with you in mind.

We deliver courses in:


Communicate with Confidence courses and individual coaching can help you and your team if:

  • you feel anxious when speaking in meetings, speaking to the board or doing presentations and you would like to feel more confident
  • you don’t speak up in meetings and you feel this is holding you back in your job or career
  • you know people should take more notice of you when you speak and you would like to increase your presence and gravitas
  • you are stepping into a new role which requires more speaking and you want to feel equipped for this
  • you are a leader in your team or organisation and you want to engage, inspire and motivate others
  • you are not sure of the best way to structure or give a presentation and you want to make your presentations compelling and deliver them with flair.

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