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I remember when I was a young girl at school we had singing and recorder lessons and in one of the classes I had a cold and was struggling to breath properly. The teacher, in her wisdom told some of us we were ‘growlers’ and esssentially should not bother trying to sing. As you can imagine, I didn’t sing for a very long time after that. I’m sure some of you may have had similar experiences. It was only a lot later when I did some actor training that I began to have another go at singing.

But what has singing got to do with public speaking? If we regard the voice as an instrument (which it is) then, even when people say they have a poor voice or a bad speaking voice they actually don’t. It would be the equivalent of saying I have a bad violin or guitar. What they have is a voice which is not being utilised to its fullest capacity; it may not be that expressive. And one of the easiest ways to become a more confident and expressive speaker is to sing. This doesn’t mean you have to spend time and money on singing lessons or joining a choir (unless you want to of course) you can sing in the shower or bath or in your car or wherever you like! And the added bonus is that it can make you feel great! You don’t even need to worry what you sound like because practice makes perfect. I am currently singing “When will I see you again” by The Three Degrees as well as “We are the champions” by Queen. What are you singing or what do you want to sing?