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I am getting ready to go on holiday to Turkey and am feeling excited as I haven’t been abroad for a few years.  As I was deciding what to take I was reflecting about us all being on our own journey of life.  And then I starting thinking about where are we on our public speaking journey?

Are you at the very beginning and have decided that you don’t do public speaking, that it is for other people, and you do not intend to do it ever? Have you dipped your toe in the water and found you didn’t like it and don’t want to do it again?  Are you regularly doing presentations, find them ok but know you could impact your audience more?  Are you starting to speak in front of others and are now getting a buzz from doing it and want to do more?  Do you feel afraid of public speaking but know your message is too important to let your fear get in the way? Do you know that if you started regularly speaking at events it could take your business to the next level?

Wherever you are if it is not precisely where you want to be the most important thing is to be kind to yourself.  Secondly, know that if you want to (and you do need to want to) it is perfectly possible to get to where you want to be).  And if the latter feels too much of a stretch entertain the possibility that it is possible.

Oh and that comparing ourselves to others thing.  I suspect we all do it at times, I know I do!  You may see someone speak at an event and it they make it seem seemless.  You don’t know what it’s taken for them to get where they are today and you also don’t know how they are feeling inside.

I’m a big fan of getting things down on paper.  Can you map where you are, where you want to be?  I’d love to know how you get on?