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In the cold weather many animals hibernate.  Most of us don’t have this luxury as we need to get on with their busy lives as usual.  In the winter, aside from it being colder, as there is less light available, and our bodies need light to function optimally then most of us experience lower energy levels.  Of course now it is February then the days are getting longer and Spring is round the corner.  Horray!

When doing a presentation it is useful to give out a lot of energy, passion and enthusiasm for the topic we are talking about.  But what if you are feeling tired and not particularly brimming with energy?

The first thing to know is that for most people having an audience in front of them usually gives them a bit of an adrenaline kick.  I remember having performed in plays being very tired and have managed to give the role a lot of energy.  Of course, this is not an ideal situation especially for more than one or two performances.

Here are some natural things you can do to energise yourself a few minutes before your presentation

  1. Drink some water (not coffee or other stimulants as you may get over stimulated and jittery)
  2. Then empty your bladder after drinking the water!
  3. Do a few deep breathing exercises from your lower belly which can help energise and ground you at the same time so I think that makes for a good use of your time.
  4. Pop to the bathroom and do a bit of stretching and/or stamping your feet to get the energy flowing in your body.
  5. Get a good nights sleep if possible. Prepare as much as you need to, know you have done what you can until the next day and then let it go.

I hope this is helpful for you during these shorter days.