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Yesterday, I attended the Bristol Business Show Case South West and what a wonderful event it was!  So many speakers, stalls and inspiring people.  I went to a talk by Melanie Rodrigues, an organiser of TEDx Bristol.  Amongst other things she explained that there are still some spaces available to talk at the TEDx Bristol event on the 2nd and 3rd November this year! So, I thought I would write this in case anyone is interesting in pitching for a slot.

In case anyone isn’t familiar with TED talks they are designed to be fifteen minutes of inspiration on anything and everything.  They are the most watched mini talks and are used by many educational establishments.  So, I think there is definitely a certain kudos to doing a TED talk.

The theme for the TEDx in Bristol this year is Dare to disrupt, challenging the status quo and reimagining what is possible.  They are looking for twenty speakers over the two days (they already have some booked) who, in their words, are positive change makers, who want to do things better in the future.  They believe that the TEDx in Bristol this year is going to be the biggest TEDx event in the UK if not in Europe and are encouraging people to get involved.

If you are interested in pitching for a place they are planning another day for in person speed pitching.  The time and place is not finalised so keep an eye on their website, for details or contact them directly.  They also accept written pitches of 500 words.

My main tip is to find something you are really passionate about and connect it with the theme.  Of course, if you want any more help then please do get in touch.