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I want to be me!

I’ve heard this phrase a few times when people are talking about doing a presentation or speech.  Of course, you just want to be you, I really get that.  You know how we can be different when talking to our friends, parents, partner or clients? I guess you are you in all of those situations or a version of you at least. I suggest it’s much the same thing when speaking in front of others, you can be a version of yourself.

Should I be me or should I put on a persona?

I’ve also heard this question several times.  The quick answer is yes and no.  Absolutely yes be you, however, like in the above question, I suggest be a version of yourself and the version I suggest is to be a bigger version of yourself.  Why you may ask?  With an ordinary conversation, with one or a few people, then generally speaking it will be easier to get your message across with your verbal and non-verbal body language as there are not so many people to reach, they are nearer you physically and as it is a conversation you are getting a lot of feedback from them.  This is not the case when you are doing a presentation or speech or something else when you are speaking in front of others.  Typically, there are more people to connect with, some may be quite far away at the back of the room and even though I suggest you have some audience interaction it is mainly you doing the talking.

So, what do I mean by being a bigger version of yourself?  Of course, you cannot make yourself physically bigger and for anyone who has met me you know how tiny in stature I am!  If you can use your voice to the best of its ability, particularly varying the pitch, and if you can make your gestures bigger then your ability to communicate to the whole group  has vastly improved, and I guess you wouldn’t be speaking in public if you didn’t want to get your message across.

So, I encourage you to get out there and be big and bold!