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What Can You Weed Out?

What can you weed out?

The other day I was weeding my garden, which does not happen that often, but the sun was shining and the mood took me. Whilst I was doing this I was pondering on what is a weed? It is said…

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Go With The Pain!

Go with the pain!

In this article I explore what to say and how to say your one minute or elevator pitch as it is sometimes referred to. It may only be one minute, however, as you have sixty seconds to make your message…

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The Breeze Tickles The Soul

The breeze tickles the soul

  • December 24, 2015

Moving moving towards a brighter future Where the sea dances majestically The sun kisses the earth with gold The clouds burst with bullets of silver The mountains rise up in purple splendour The dew delights the morning's thirst The snow…

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The Beauty Of Play

The beauty of play

  • November 30, 2015

As a child we love to play and this helps us make sense of the world and develop our social skills and  negotiation skills and lots more.  As adults with all the responsibilities which this entails we may have forgotten…

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Letting Go

Letting go

From a Chinese philosophy perspective the autumn is about letting go which is mirrored by the trees shedding their leaves. And from a personal development view we can take the opportunity to ask ourselves what do we need to let…

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Are You Putting This Off?

Are you putting this off?

  • September 24, 2015

Is there a difference between the confidence in what you do in your business or profession and your confidence speaking about it in front of groups of people? Many people set up a business doing something they love and have…

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Would You Dare Do This?

Would you dare do this?

A few weeks ago I went to Bristol Business Show Case South West and heard a talk by Bev James talk. She is the CEO of the Coaching Academy as well as an author, entrepreneur, mentor and speaker. She gave…

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Why I Do What I Do

Why I do what I do

For me, the following poem by Marianne Williamson sums up why I do what I do, in other words why I am passionate about training people in public speaking and presentations : Our deepest fear is not that we are…

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