Letting go

From a Chinese philosophy perspective the autumn is about letting go which is mirrored by the trees shedding their leaves. And from a personal development view we can take the opportunity to ask ourselves what do we need to let go of? We all have beliefs which hold us back in our personal or professional life. Anything which starts with I am not this or I can’t do this is likely to be a limiting belief. For example, I used to think I can’t get my head around numbers, but after a little advice and training I am now confident to do my own accounts.

So, what beliefs would you like to let go of this autumn? If you have any beliefs which are holding you back speaking in front of people, such as, I’m just not a public speaker, public speaking is only for extroverts or everyone will know that I am nervous when I give a presentation then I suggest you think again. It really is possible to change our beliefs (which are only thoughts we think over and over again) and one way is to start doing this is to shine a light on those beliefs.  We can be curious about them without beating ourselves up and notice is there any flexibility in them.  For example, if you have a belief that ‘I’m just not a public speaker’ how does it feel to change it to ‘I’m not an accomplished public speaker yet’ or ‘I’m becoming a public speaker’.  Another way is to start taking some steps, however small (and small is good) to build our skills as a public speaker because as our skills grow so does our confidence.  One way to do this is to ask a trusted friend or colleague for some feedback on your speaking or presentation in terms of what went well and what could be improved.  As long as the person giving the feedback does this with some sensitivity then this can help you let go of some of your limiting beliefs.